About NBDF

The North Bay Dance Festival provides a professional opportunity for choreographers and dancers to perform in the North Bay area, CA. 

The festival allows for emerging and established dance companies, both youth and adult, to come together and share in a collaborative performance experience. NBDF will present numerous styles, genres and interpretations of dance. The goal of our festival is to encourage the evolution of every dance style and promote the participants wonderful work. ANY dance style is welcome! Styles include but not limited to- contemporary, jazz, hip hop, modern, tap, ballroom, ballet, ethnic dance, and capoeira. We are excited to present this unique dance festival in Sonoma County! 

What is the North Bay Dance Festival?

  • A professional dance festival for teen and adult dance companies
  • Networking opportunity for choreographers, dancers, dance schools and dance companies in the North Bay Area
  • An opportunity for dance companies to come together and share their work
  • Non-competitive performance 
  • Mature/developed atmosphere
  • Community inspired festival
  • Supportive environment
  • Showcase of all types of dance
  • An opportunity to meet choreographers/ teachers
  • FUN! FUN! FUN!

This wonderful event has been the artistic vision of Studio Gray. Visit www.studiogray.org for more info.